Vengeance may be the root of what moves some to action. At the same time, providing others hope ultimately is the only motive that will resurrect our souls while we work to save and defend the lives of others. The only way to destroy the darkness that manifests evil is to learn to fly through […]

I am a haunted mirror, it is what you see that produces fear. As you spend the rest of your life terrified I will draw near. I will harvest every one of your tears before the day I let go of your body from this pier. Never again will you interfere with my blood as […]

It has been speculated where evil is born. Evil is born in the garden of assailants that present themselves as victims when they finally taste the wrath of those they have brutally victimized. At the same time, they gaze into the eyes of the seeds they planted as they are buried by them.

Psychopathy is a mental state experienced by men and women executed in different forms based on physiology. Like an ocean storm, their storm only requires courage to survive and the competence to navigate. When the clouds part, the light of the Son will reveal evidence of their proper form. Those who attempted to imprison me […]

The execution of a judicial system’s judgment should not violate the foundation of law it stands on. If the people of a republic allow themselves to execute their wrath, they are just as guilty as the individual or group they are passing judgment on. The number of conspirators in a situation does not transform its […]

As I slit my wrists to feel my pains suspension,that is spread across the fourth dimension.I see the end of my pain quickened by panic and hypertension. The vain persecute those that are in pain of wanting attention,as they cry out for help while dying in false detention. Hurting those that I love was never […]

You buried me in this ground, to silence the truth within my voice’s sound. You left me in this unmarked grave, but I was still found by the King of the Saved. It is written, “It is mine to avenge; I will repay,” sayeth the Lord. I remain in prayer as I have sheathed my […]

You took the last thing I had left,while preparing your own death. You stole the crops I planted like Cain,because you were unable to grow anything with your grain. When you were caught in betrayal,you attempted to flee and set sail. While my anger builds within,I see you drowning in your sin. I want to […]